Diving The Galapagos Can Be Very Challenging

Scuba Dive The Galapagos

Diving in the Galapagos is an awesome experience and the dream of many scuba divers. However, don’t overlook the need for preparation.

Clint Cora, dive master, speaker and author, takes us along with him to dive the Galapagos in the clip below. As he explains, it is “one intensive trip” even for the most experienced of divers.

Diving the Galapagos can be challenging on many fronts. This is something that is not often candidly discussed.

The Galapagos is an awesome experience, but be prepared

“Galapagos Islands Scuba Diving 2019 // 4K GoPro” – YouTube video by Authentic Film Collective

Tips for diving the Glapagos:

Water Temperatures: Go during 1st 1/2 of the year for more tropical like water temperatures. However during the – 2nd 1/2 year the water temperatures are much colder . However, if you want to see whale sharks this would be when to go.

Rough waters and fast moving currents: there are many spots where there currents require holding on as in rock climbing to not get swept away.

Contingency plans: naturally as with any dive plan for contingency for the unexpected such as being swept away and/or separated from the dive boat.

Zodiac entry/exits: Challenges of dealing with Panga inflatable Zodiac boats and the requirement to remove gear before climbing back on after your dives.

Diving Galapagos Wolf & Darwin Islands.

So after all of your preparation here is more of what awaits in the Galapagos…

Watch the video clip for a glimpse and explanation of some of what is to be seen diving in the Galapagos.

“Diving Galapagos #4 – Wolf & Darwin”- YouTube video by Behind the Mask

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Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2, 3

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