A Dangerous & Adventurous Platform Hotel For Sea Lovers

Frying Pan Hotel Diving

Here is something different in adventure hotels. If you are looking for something different, this is for you.

This hotel is for the truly adventurous. With 90 ft. high walkways, surrounded by sharks and constantly hit by hurricanes. It’s the perfect destination for adventurous scuba divers.

This place is called Frying Pan Tower. It sits 34 miles off the coast of North Carolina. It was originally a remote lighthouse platform.

The lighthouse platform is located in a shallow area of the Atlantic called the Frying Pan Shoals. This is an area where ships were constantly running aground and sinking. As a lighthouse it protected ships from running aground in the shallow areas where it stands.

With the development of modern-day navigation technology it’s use as a lighthouse was no longer needed. Therefore, it became unused and dilapidated.

After a number of years, the Frying Pan Lighthouse was put up for auction by the US Coast Guard and auctioned off for $85k.

Its new owners decided to convert it to one of the world’s most unique and adventurous destinations in the middle of the ocean.

Surrounded by sharks and all types of marine life. It is the perfect destination for scuba divers looking for something completely different above and below the surface.

Watch the following video clip for a preview of this unique destination and what it offers.

“World’s most Dangerous Hhotel – Frying Pan Tower” – YouTube video by Mitch Summers

Here are a few more video clips highlighting what a Frying Pan Tower experience could be like.

“Frying Pan Shoals” – YouTube video by David Klugh

Its an amazing story…

Take a walk-around glimpse of some of the progress being made at he Frying Pan Tower with its owner

Watch the video below..

“A bit of a walk around” – YouTube Video by Frying Pan Tower

Take a glimpse of some of the amazing marine-life activity below the Frying Pan Tower in the video clip below..

“Sea Turtle on Frying Pan Shark cam 11.32/25/February 2018” – YouTube video by Arlene Beech

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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