Scuba Diving Is Fun, Especially For Beginners

You don’t come across this type of diving just for fun often .. Fortunately..LOL

Scuba diving can be just fun and games before you mature into the sport of scuba diving.

The video clip below depicts a group of divers  in what appears to be about 10 meters of water just having a blast.  At first sight everything looks copacetic, but as time progresses you will begin to notice that there is something horribly wrong with this dive.

I certainly hope this is an intro to diving course, but I am not so certain because it is titled “Very bad Scuba Divers” in  YouTube.

As an experienced diver, this video may evoke a certain uneasiness about these diver’s respect and appreciation for the sport of scuba diving which we know and love.  However, I am sure we can relate to our beginning experiences with diving.

Take a few moment to study the following video and recall how far you have come in your diving skillets and proficiency.

A list of exhibited scuba diving faux pas include:

  • Use of hands while diving
  • Needlessly interfering with wildlife
  • Touching the bottom and kicking up sand
  • Pointless diving
  • Just bad scuba diving form/fining/turning etc.. what trim??
  • Lack of buddy system

Any more??

However, we must keep in mind that, as much as we can be critical about their diving technique.  No doubt, even the experienced among us make some of the same mistakes. We just do it more eloquently.. LOL

Watch the video below.. its title is actually “Very bad Scuba Divers”

One person commented:

“those people aren’t diving, they’re just breathing underwater – OMG”


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