How To Scuba – Beach Entry and Beach Exit Challenges [video]

As we all know there is more than one way to enter the surf when scuba diving. However, what would seem to be the simplest, the beach entry/ shore entry does take a bit of skill.

There are all types of shore lines from which to make your entry.  Each of these brings its own challenges as far as the surf to contend with as well.

There is the rocky shore entry which can be challenging just to cross as seen in the video below.

Images source: YouTube Clips

And these challenging rocky beach entries ….

Dios mío!!! ? Que mal rato!! ? Dónde están los compañeros para ayudaaarrr????

Posted by Mfc Vero on Saturday, January 20, 2018

Image Source: Facebook Clips


Images Source: YouTube Clips

And don't forget about the exit…

Images Source: YouTube Clips

… I believe the following was to be a shore exit (hope he is ok)

Diver Down!

This is what you call "less than ideal conditions" for a dive! Gotta use good judgement on days like this. #GuyHarvey Credit: Unknown

Posted by Guy Harvey on Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Images Source: Facebook Clips


See the next page below for a video explaining how to properly make a scuba diving shore entry and exit.

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