Naked Dive The 100th Dive Tradition … What?

The dive #100 tradition is to dive au naturel so I hear.

I must admit that this is the first time I have heard of this. However, it is apparently widely heard of in certain circles. I hear it is popular in Koh Tao.

After looking into this a bit I find that most divers use the excuse of the timing and location of their 100th as the deciding factor.  Naturally most dive locations are well away from the populous, but a lot of folks have hang-ups about going clothes free.

Image Source: Edmonton Journal

This group of Edmonton scuba divers doesn’t have any problems with going clothing free and offers a few key considerations for diving in a birthday suit.

Read on for insights a related to naked diving in the excerpt below.

While drifting bare-bummed under the waves might sound enchanting, there are hazards, warns Ken Holliday, co-owner of Northwest Scuba, who after 30 years of teaching ran his first nude scuba lesson last weekend at Scona pool.

He once saw a sea creature chomp on the penis of a man diving in his birthday suit instead of a bathing suit, going for it like a worm on a hook.

“In the ocean, big fish eat things that dangle,” he explains.

“The big fish eat the little fish … It’s like swimming with sharks. If you put your finger out, it looks like food to them.”

While the diver wasn’t seriously injured, he “did put their hand on it in a hurry,” Holliday says.

He also knows someone who has been repeatedly stung by jellyfish while diving nude near Jamaica, which might have been a less painful experience if wearing a wetsuit.

Even in a concrete Edmonton pool tank, he recommends putting on a T-shirt to avoid chafing.

“The equipment is nylon, and it does rub on the shoulders and nipples and stuff.”

Holiday isn’t fazed by teaching students who are wearing only what God gave them, saying he grew up in Spain, Africa and other warm areas where sunbathers often go au naturel.

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LOL …See below for how it is done in Thailand

This brave guy did his dive #100 naked in Thailand

“” – YouTube video by Thai Scuba

Images Source: Edmonton Journal, YouTube Clips

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  • Been there...done that. Loved it! Warning...big fish WILL be attracted to whatever they find interesting. Just sayin...

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