Fishing While Scuba Diving With Rod and Reel

Something a little different to try while scuba diving.

If you like scuba diving and fishing the perhaps you will like the idea of taking your rod and reel down with you on your next dive.

Fishing while scuba diving isn’t a totally new concept. The idea of taking down a rod and reel to fish while diving is really not a common practice. However, the idea of giving this a try could serve as a different diving experience. Especially while we are on various levels of lock-downs during the COVID pandemic which makes diving only accessible locally.

Depending on where you live, diving can be a bit boring… LOL. So maybe trying to get a little diving in on your next fishing trip may make it a little more interesting.

Check out the video below. It depicts a diver fishing underwater on the Upper Niagara River. That is right, he is underwater with his fishing rod and lures.

It is kind of weird to see the all aspects of fishing at one time ( the fisherman, rod, and fish on the line).

Watch this underwater fishermen in action in the video below.

“Upper Niagara river underwater fishing wicked bass hit.” YouTube video by allspeciesguru

Who knows if this will catch on, but fishing while scuba diving with a rod and reel is not really a common activity, yet anyway.

In the following clip two divers give scuba fishing a try. Apparently they were unaware of the previous clip, made years before and they think they are doing something not done before on YouTube.. LOL.

Watch their video below to see how their experience went.

“Scuba Diving and Fishing Underwater in a Crystal Clear Pond! (Caught a Fish 26ft Deep)”- YouTube video by DALLYMD

After watching these videos of scuba diving fisherman in action do you thinks this is something you would try as well?

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1,2

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