Easy To Buy Gifts For Scuba Divers

Let’s be honest. This year everyone deserves a gift for making it to the end of 2021. So how do you pick gifts for you scuba diving relatives and friends?

If you want to surprise your diver friends and loved ones with something special, here is a selection of special, but easy to buy gifts for scuba divers. Because even if they didn’t get their fins wet as much as they’d like to – it’s good to keep the bond between a diver and the ocean alive!

Whether you’re on a budget or are not sure of their level of diving experience, this list of easy to buy gifts is for every diver in your life.

9 Easy To Buy Gifts For Scuba Divers

  • Handy waterproof dry bag

For every diver, having a waterproof bag to keep their belongings dry and safe is an absolutely necessity. You can choose the color and size of this scuba diving dry bag. It’s perfect to use again and again for a day of diving in both cold and warm weather.

  • Anti-fog spray for scuba masks

2020 means waving goodbye to divers’ spit ‘n clean technique to defog their mask (don’t ask). The Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray stops masks from misting up to makes dives more comfortable and enjoyable. Grab one for your buddy!

  • Life-saving GPS

As rare as it may be, sometimes a diver can be in distress or get lost at sea. Help them make their dives safer with the Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS – a personal emergency signaling device that many wont dive without. This is an invaluable gift, especially since most divers don’t seem to have one. Divers can easily take it with them on their dives for added peace of mind.

  • Make some noise: underwater signaling device

True divers know the importance of having an underwater signaling device to grab their buddy’s attention. This scuba rattle stick can be a game-changer for their dives and life saver . How do you use it? Just shake it! It’s easy and effective.

  • Rash guard for extra style and protection

We all know that a true dive addict can never have too many rash guards. Help your friend amp up their style with a comfortable, durable, and versatile rash guard that looks good in AND out of the water. Sounds impossible? Sharkskin rash guards are the perfect clothing item for any outdoorsy person. There’s nothing like it! They’re a bit pricier, but they’re worth every penny. Find the perfect Sharkskin rash guard gift for her and rash guard gift for him.

  • High-quality dive computer

No other piece of equipment is more precious to a diver than their dive computer.

For newly-certified scuba divers, the Geographic 2.0 dive computer is affordable, easy to use, and it’s also compact enough to be used as a daily watch.

On the other hand, the Mares Smart Air Computer Watch packs more technical and useful features to get any diver excited.

And if you really want to surprise your diving bestie, the Suunto D5 is a modern and elegant dive computer with many advanced features to make every dive special.

  • Powerful flashlight

Give the gift of a one-of-a-kind bright light and underwater communication with this Moray Diver’s Communication Torch (DCT) Light. It is rugged and comes in a number of colors. Its the perfect compliment to anyone’s dive set offering redundancy and a handy noisemaker in one. Audible for up to 100 feet, this handy torch light is a perfect gift.

Moray Diver's Communication Torch
Moray Diver’s Communication Torch

For the diving junkies in your life who are into photography, night dives, or deep dives, the Light and Motion Sola 1200 dive light is a must-have. They’ll love its powerful light output and adjustable beam. Plus, it has a wrist-mount configuration to free up your hands.

  • Action camera

If they’ve spent a lot of time during lockdown watching diving videos and ocean documentaries, it’s time to get them the GoPro Hero8 camera. The quality and the specs of this camera is seriously cool: 4K ultra HD video, 12MP photos 1080p, and live streaming stabilization. It comes with an affordable price tag too!

  • Fun combo pack

Regardless of whether you’re shopping for a newly certified diver or for a diver who seems to have everything, this Christmas fun combo dive pack is a safe bet. The set comes with a scuba Christmas stocking filled with many useful dive accessories, including important scuba gear replacement parts, signaling devices, and a dive slate.

2020 has been a time-warp, but with Christmas just around the corner, it seems like the perfect occasion to put a smile back on our faces. Make Christmas 2020 special with this thoughtful list of Christmas gifts for scuba divers.

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