Diver Lost At Sea 4 Days

It was to be just a day trip off the coast of New Zealand's North island.

It was late summer at the end of February in New Zealand. Robert, an elite Navy diver with over 20 years of diving experience in all types of conditions, sets out for what was to be an easy day of crayfish diving.

However, as fate would have it, he experienced a lethal underwater rip current that dragged him out to sea. He surfaces alone about 1 km away from the boat and drifting out to sea.

While he was being sucked out to sea by the deadly currents he witnessed many rescue attempts, but none of them were able to spot him.

Over the next 4 days he battles hunger, exhaustion, the elements, predators and even himself to try to survive.

There were points in this story where good judgement could be considered a major contributor to this story. However, as this story demonstrates, even experience doesn't preclude the unpredictable.

Watch the following YouTube video for the full story.

Diver Lost at Sea 4 Days – H/T YouTube Clips

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