Diver’s Scuba Stories To Learn From [video]

Diver's Scuba Stories and Lessons Learned

Stories shared by other divers is one of the best way to learn lessons in safe diving. Listening to other diver’s scuba stories teaches from the experiences of other divers.

When it comes to lessons learned about scuba diving nothing beats other diver’s scuba stories. In these stories we get to learn from what was going on in their head as scary situations developed and how they handled them.

Most often, focus is give towards scuba diver incident reports. However, there are many other stories, not considered incident reports, that we can learn from.

I came across the following video clip by Simply Scuba. This clip is a bit unique in that it is like an audio podcast over a scuba diving video. Nonetheless, there are quite a few great stories about how a few scuba diving near-incidents occurred.

What is good about sharing these stories is that they show us how easy it is for a situation to become dive emergencies.

Listen to each of the hand-picked stories in the clip below and imagine that you are telling the story. Do you, at any point, notice a sense of uneasiness? If you do remember that feeling. If you ever feel it before or during your next dive, do something.

Watch/Listen to these scary hand-picked scuba diving stories in the clip below.

“Scuba Diving Stories With Lessons To Be Learned” – YouTube video by Simply Scuba

Being aware of how you feel goes along way with safely navigating situations you don’t want to find yourself in. It really applies to a diver’s scuba diving safety as well.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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