Underwater Diving, Soccer and Recycled Plastics For Ocean Conservation

In support of ocean conservation, Jason Washington and model Coral Tomascik capture amazing underwater stills for the Inter Miami soccer team’s launch of their Prime Blue jersey made of recycled plastics.

Jason Washington, “Cayman Jason”, is an underwater photographer who is driven by the preservation of the awe- inspiring beauty of the ocean. He is based on Grand Cayman where in addition to his photography work, he tirelessly promotes ocean conservation and runs a scuba dive operation called Ambassador Divers.

Jason Washington captures stunning images of an underwater model as part of their strategy to support ocean conservation.

The pictures of a young lady standing at the bottom of the sea wearing a fútbol kit instead of scuba equipment are so breath-taking that many struggle to believe they could be real. Inter Miami’s new kit supplied by Adidas is from the Primeblue collection which is made with Parley Ocean Plastic.

The photos are, however, real and are a result of Inter Miami having shot out of the box to create unique and distinct images to support an equally extraordinary product. The final masterpieces are so captivating that the photographer responsible for them, Jason Washington, has created video footage showing how they were made.

Watch the video clip below for a behind the scenes look at how Jason was able to create these stunning photos.

“” – YouTube video by underwaterfilmworks

Jason Washington and model Coral Tomascik are known for producing stunning underwater photos. They have created catalogues of exhilarating images almost exclusively underwater by holding their breaths for minutes at a time. The majority of their work is against the backdrop of the shockingly clear blue waters of Grand Cayman.

Tomascik is a master of making the inconceivable look easy. Her adventures with Washington to date have found her deeper than 100 feet below the surface to get their shots. Regarding such feats, she says with a smile, “I love the silence and stillness of being there, it’s one of the best feelings in the world”

The images that Washington & Tomascik create are so awe-inspiring that many find it hard to believe they aren’t manufactured on a computer. Washington comments, “Well I see it as a compliment that people regard our work as almost impossible and that is why when the opportunity to partner with Inter Miami arose,

I knew I needed to create behind the scenes footage to show the world how we do what we do.”

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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