Jobs For Certified Scuba Divers

You love diving… So, ever considered a diving related career? As it turns out there are a number of careers available for certified divers.

The following list of jobs is  a sample of what is available in the realm of diving careers. Naturally, just an open water certification would not quite meet the level of required training for these jobs.  So  there may be more training required to get to what’s considered a professional level.

One of the most obvious jobs is that of a dive instructor. Dive instructor make an annual salary of from $31k – $50k per year.

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See  Below For  A List of Scuba Related Jobs and their Salary Ranges.

Karen Praxel, a scuba instructor in LA, CA. explains the challenges and joys of being a diving instructor in the video below.

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Other scuba related jobs are as follows:

Underwater Photographers : $35k – $60k

Do you have a knack for photography? Love to dive? This might be the job for you. Underwater photographers take photos and videos of marine life, coral reefs, shipwrecks, and caves. These photographers might work in the fashion and hospitality industries as well, photographing underwater models and resort advertisements. While the photographer’s main job might be shooting pictures, they also need to be well-versed in their editing skills, they also need to be able to adjust light, coloring, and staging challenges that shooting underwater brings.

Golf Ball Diver :  $36k -$55k

This one isn’t an option that people think of often, but it’s definitely legitimate if you have the proper documentation; this being an agreement or contract with the course you plan to dive. If all you’ve ever experienced in diving is crystal clear, warm water, this might not be the job for you. Most of the time the waters golf ball divers are going into is murky and contaminated from pesticides and other chemicals.

Commercial Diver:  $64.7k – $93.9k

This job isn’t one you take on a whim because it’s one that comes with many risks. It also varies from one extreme to another. Commercial diving is a very broad field ranging from underwater inspection to HAZMAT jobs. Commercial diving means working below the surface of water, performing tasks such as repairing, removing, or installing equipment underwater.

Marine Archaeologist :  $39k – $72k

Do shipwrecks interest you? Does the thought of finding sunken treasure excite you? Marine Archaeology might be the job for you. These are the people who study the ocean floor looking for shipwrecks and sites that might contain human remains to items of monetary value.

Public Safety Diver :  $39k

Do you know who deals with accidents and crime scenes in bodies of water? Did you know there are specialized diving certifications for law enforcement officers? These divers are called public safety divers; they can be found diving into bodies of water to rescue or recover people or evidence in accidents and on crime scenes.

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