The Look Of An Old School Scuba Diver

As much as scuba diving is a somewhat progressive and evolving sport, some of us can be considered what’s being called old school divers.

Simply Scuba produced a short video clip that highlights the characteristics of what they are calling “old school divers”. As they put it old school divers are pretty set in their ways and exhibit most of the following 8 characteristics.

The telltale signs of an old school diver:

  • Old Dive Cylinders from as far back as the 80’s
  • Old and Faded gear
  • Library of old dive logs with volume #s
  • An old 4×4/car with bad shocks
  • Sporting a big expensive and dated dive watch from the pre-dive computer days.
  • Reminiscences about making their own dive kits.
  • Multiple diving scars, because back in the day before the no-touch rule, it was considered mostly ok to touch things and interfere with marine life
  • Excessive talking about diving stories

The video below, presents these 8 traits in an informative yet lighthearted and entertaining way.

“8 Ways To Spot An Old Skool Diver” – YouTube video by Simplyscuba

Being old school is not unique to scuba diving at all. In fact I am sure we all know plenty of folks who are old school, or set in their ways, in some if not all aspects of their life.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being old school. You know, if its working for you why change? Right?

Ok, so not being critical, just observant. Simply Scuba sure does provide a critical perspective on how our topside lifestyle/habits can over shadow our scuba diving habits as well.

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