Scuba Diving Safety With The Nautilus LifeLine Marine Rescue GPS

The Nautilus LifeLine MARINE Rescue GPS is an indispensable safety device for divers’ peace of mind.

The Nautilus LifeLine MARINE Rescue GPS is a personal signaling device made for divers that easily fits into a BCD pocket or it can be conveniently attached to your BCD strap. Waterproof to 425ft, the Nautilus operates by sending your location , with an accuracy of 1.5 meters, when activated.

For whatever reason, there seems to be an increase in the number of incidences of divers being separated or left behind by their dive boats. Having a device like this is an absolute must. Given its cost and the safety that it provides its is clearly a no-brainer must have.

It is surprising that many of you-guys are not diving with the added safety of a GPS. This, we don’t understand. We believe that diving without a Nautilus LifeLine is somewhat careless, especially in open waters.

Nautilus LifeLine Marine GPS and Neoprene Pouch w/ free Coil Lanyard

The Nautilus Lifeline sends your GPS position to the Coast Guard, all commercial dive vessels and many yachts within a 34-mile radius. The signal is accurate to within 1.5 meters. It’s broadcast via AIS (Automatic Identifications System) and DSC (Digital Selective Calling) which are the two most commonly used nautical messaging systems throughout the world. This means that if you need to use it, all modern vessels equipped with a VHF radio will receive your distress signal.

H/T Greatdivers SCUBA YouTube Clip

As we very-well know, when you enter the water there are many things that are just out of your control. Simply stated, this device is a must to feel secure knowing that you can easily be found in the event of getting separated from your dive boat.

Jose from explains, reviews and unboxes a Nautilus LifeLine Marine Rescue GPS in the video below.

“Nautilus Lifeline GPS Review and Unboxing” – YouTube video by Great Divers USA

You can get more information and purchase the The Nautilus Lifeline GPS here on

Nautilus LifeLine Marine GPS and Neoprene Pouch w/ free Coil Lanyard

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