Wetsuit Care & Maintenance Tips – 5 Don’ts [video]

Wetsuit Care & Maintenance Tips - 5 Don'ts

Don’t take the durability of your wetsuit for granted. Proper wetsuit care and maintenance is required to extend the life of your wetsuit. Here are 5 of the worst commonly overlooked things that you should not do to your wetsuit.

It is quite possible to get quite a few years out of your wetsuit if it is properly maintained. Proper wetsuit maintenance is not difficult. It is more about adjusting, or should I say, improving your current maintenance routines to better care for it.

As highlighted in the clip below, exposing your wetsuit to the 5 following things will greatly impact its long-term usability.

  • Unnecessary exposure to the sun
  • Unnecessary exposure to hot water and heat
  • Harsh chemicals and solvents should certainly be avoided.
  • It goes without saying that exposure to sharp objects should be avoided
  • Improper care and storage are also very important in extending the useful life of your wetsuit.

Watch the following clip for a few great tips that may hep you extend the life of your wetsuit.

“5 Worst Things for Your Wetsuit + Maintenance Tips” – YouTube video by Our Kite Life

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