Use Your iPhone For Amazing Underwater Photography [video]

Take amazing pictures and video underwater with your iPhone.

The iPhone can take amazing pictures and video.  However, when it comes to underwater photography things can get a little more dicey. This is true even for the water-resistant iPhone 7!

Well thanks to five-time Emmy Award-winning underwater cinematographer Anthony Lenzoand  and his team, all that’s about to change.

Anthony co-founded ValsTech in order to create LenzO®the most advanced underwater housing for the iPhone ever made.  Never before has an underwater housing allowed full control of all native iPhone camera functions, with the best optics available for incredible 4k shooting!

LenzO by Valstech – iPhoe underwater Photography

LenzO® is the safest, most advanced underwater housing for your iPhone (6,6s & 7) in existence. Its sleek design locks and cocoons your iPhone in a watertight casing rated and tested to depths of 330 ft. Plus LenzO® gives you full control of all native iPhone camera functions without the need for any additional software.

LenzO® packs (zero distortion) 4k capable optics, built-in color correction filters and can float (iPhone 7) on the water’s surface.

It’s time to take amazing pictures everywhere you want to go! Learn more about LenzO® on Kickstarter at:


Anthony explains how the LenzO® works in the video below.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

See next page below  for iPhone umderwater clips taken with the LenzO®

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