Tips For Diving With Reef Hooks? [video]

Reef Hook Diving Tips

There are a number of advantages to diving with a reef hooks, not excluding diver safety.

Reef hooks are typically nothing more than a stainless steel claw or hook at the end of a 6 – 8 foot long rope.  It has been said that reef hooks were first used, or invented in Palau.

Reef hooks are great for dive sites that have strong currents. They make it easier for divers to maintain their position with out expending excess effort and wasting oxygen consumption.

In addition, the use of reef hooks makes it easier to hang-out with your dive buddies and increase the possibility of more exposure to wildlife because it is easier to effortlessly blend in with the surroundings, especially when hanging out near a the edge of a reef or wall.

As simple as reef hooks are in concept and design, there are a number of different types of reef hooks as described in the video below.

Watch Alec in the video below demonstrate reef hook usage techniques.

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