The Hydroid Aquabreather Full Faced Diving Mask

Hydroid Full Face Diving Mask

It looks like a futuristic space helmet, but it is what is called a High-tech Hydroid Aquabreather for scuba divers.

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It is an amazing all in one system that uses replaceable regenerative cartridges that absorb carbon dioxide and generates oxygen. The system is rated for 42 meters in depths and about 60 minutes of dive time.

Tha Aquabreather Conpany, Aquabreather LLC, is a technology company that created amd manufactures this new type of breathing apparatus.

Its still in development with an expected market availability within about 1 year with price tag of about $4k.

This device really had a great showing at DEMA 2019. Watch the live demo in the DEMA pool in the video below.

H/T YouTube Clips

Amazing .. it really works too. Who knows, we could be on the verge of a new era in diving after-all.

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