Tank-less Scuba Diving A Possibility

Oxygen absorbing crystals

A new oxygen absorbing crystal has the potential to make scuba diving with out a tank possible.

A new crystalline salt made corm cobalt absorbs oxygen at a concentration of up to 160 times the air we breathe. In addition it has the ability to later release the oxygen in low oxygen conditions or when exposed to heat.

There is also the possibility of this oxygen absorbing crystal to make scuba diving a whole lot easier for scuba divers. The crystal has the ability to absorb oxygen from thewater the diver is in and potentially make it available to the diver.

Regardless of how it is ultimately used this crystalline substance combined with new technological applications certainly can make life easier for scuba divers in many ways if even as a component in rebreathers or to just simply reduce the need for oxygen tanks.

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If the substance lives up to its promises, it could have a lot of really cool applications—for example, feeding high concentrations of oxygen into hydrogen fuel cells, and lightening the load for lung patients who have to lug around heavy oxygen supplies. Also, scuba divers could potentially leave their tanks at home, says McKenzie.

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