Scubster for Scuba Divers With Places To Go (Video)

The Scubster is an underwater vehicle, or better yet a pedal-powered personal submarine for Scuba Divers. It is incredibly nimble and very maneuverable.

Powered by two independently rotating propellers, the Scubster is capable of rotating around, ascending and descending vertically and quite easy to perform corkscrews in as it travels below the surface.

The Scubster has an open cockpit and is designed to be operated by a scuba diver with scuba gear.

What makes the Scubster really interesting is that it is designed to be human pedal powered.  No worries, there is also an electric powered version of the Scubster that can reach a top speed of about 4km/h that will suit scuba divers that keen about pedaling.

The Scubster has been in development since 2011 and is currently in pre-production.

See the Scubster in action below

This is way cool ……Watch the Scubster’s maneuverability and agility in the following video.

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Image Source: YouTube Clip

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