The Scoop On How Wetsuits Are Made

Ever think about how wetsuits are made? … Well, get the scoop from Henderson Wetsuit’s Nick Lassor.

As we all know, wetsuits are made of a synthetic rubber, neoprene.  However, it may not be as evident that there are different types of neoprene for various uses.  Wetsuits are used for many different types of activities and sports, each of which has its own requirements related to elasticity and thickness. The selection of the proper materials isn’t exactly a trivial thing.

After selecting the appropriate materials there is also the issues related to constructing the suit for the proper fit and use.  These issues include patterning , seams (Flatlock or Glued & Blind Stitched).  In addition to this there are other features such as reinforced areas, and ankle and wrist cut-off areas that must be taken into consideration.

A properly designed and  constructed wetsuit is precision gear.  Henderson has over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom wetsuits from their USA based manufacturing facility.

Nick explains the process in a fair amount of detail in the following blog post at


Do you really make wetsuits in the USA?


Yes, we manufacture our Spec Ops line of products in the USA. These are suits used by Navy Seals, Special Forces, US Coast Guard and many other branches of the US Government. We also have a full repair facility. Any registered owner of any of our wetsuits brands can return a suit for repair and evaluation at any time during its useful life.


how are wetsuits madeEver make anything unique?


Henderson has a rich history in innovation in wetsuit technology. In the 1990s, legendary guitarist Jerry Garcia of “Grateful Dead” fame was an avid Scuba Diver and collaborated with us on a Garcia Signature line of Henderson wetsuits. The Garcia line included a new “Trilaminate” neutral buoyancy material developed by Henderson. We make a lot of suits for Hollywood and cable TV shows. We manufacture custom wetsuits for famous people (who will remain nameless). We also manufacture holiday themed Santa, elf, skeleton and Easter bunny wetsuits for aquariums and marine parks around the world.


Our STORMR brand is an entire line of neoprene garments used in extreme weather for use on land and in marine environments like boating and fishing.

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Take a sneak peak at how its done in the following video…

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