Necessary Gear For Scuba Diving

It goes without saying that having the correct gear for Scuba Diving is very important.

For newbies in scuba diving,a scuba diving mask is considered as the first piece of required gear followed perhaps by a snorkel. It goes without saying that a properly fitting mask is of primary importance for an enjoyable dive. Next on the list is typically a good set of diving fins. Pick fins that fit well and  compliments your body type and strength.

Typically what’s next on the list is a wetsuit and gear for protection from exposure. Selecting the proper wetsuit for the dive is a key aspect for enjoyable dives. Unfortunately, it isn’t the easiest thing to do when considering all of the options available and the desired fit and performance.

This post is geared for newbies/ beginners in scuba diving and the selection of the most likely/appropriate first purchases when beginning to dive. Many of the other gear and equipment for diving can be rented initially until you are more seasoned/experienced with different equipment configurations  enough to make more educated purchases.

The flowing video presentation provides a high level description of the necessary gear for scuba diving in less than 4 minutes.

Watch the video below for a description of the key components and considerations required when selecting scuba gear for newbies.

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