Home Made Scuba Gear [videos]

Scuba Diving is a relatively new sport … The first scuba divers had to actually make their own gear (DIY).

We have had a number of posts over the years about home made scuba gear which were somewhat controversial as it relates to DIY scuba gear.  Some of these posts garnered undue back-lash from a few of our followers. Well, as it turns out, home made scuba gear isn’t all that much of a foreign concept as Scuba Tech’s Alec explains.

About 50 years ago divers actually had to make their own tanks, regulators and such before their first dive.  With all of the progress we have made as a society … After watching the following video dont you feel that we have lost our ingenuity. We have lost the ability/skills required to build useful things.

Alec explains how early/vintage equipment was made in the following video.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

A few of our followers gave us a lot of flack over the following posts that featured DIY home made scuba gear…

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