Do You Really Need A Rescue GPS When Diving?

Alec Peirce answers the question and explains how the Nautilus LifeLine Rescue GPS works.

Alec explains that the device is an absolute necessity when diving under certain circumstances. In his opinion, it isn’t a necessity if you are diving in clear calm waters close to the shore or in clear visibility of the dive boat.

He also points out that when diving in the Galapagos Islands the Nautilus LifeLine Rescue GPS is a requirement by dive operators.

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In short,he says it is a great idea to have one as an added safety device for additional safety and peace of mind , especially if you have family members that worry about you while diving.

He goes on to say that while it isn’t absolutely necessary, it isn’t a bad investment, but could be a really good idea.

We at ForScubaDivers are of the belief that it is a necessary safety device for most if not all dives. Especially at its price point, it is a no-brainier essential safety device for all divers.

You can purchase the The Nautilus Lifeline GPS here on

Nautilus LifeLine Marine GPS and Neoprene Pouch w/ free Coil Lanyard

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