Diver Down Flags and Floats Usage [video]

Seemingly simple devices in form and operation, diver down flags and floats are a key component of diver safety.

Diver down flags and floats are supposed to indicate the  presence of divers in the  vicinity  and or below the surface near-by.  Divers understand this.  However, the folks who need to understand their meaning  just don’t get-it most of the time and thereby cause potential danger for divers.  Regardless never underestimate the importance of Dive flags and floats.

Alec Peirce does and amazing job of explaining the history of dive flag set-ups in the video below.  He covers how to make them, set them up and the types of dive flags and floats for use under different diving  scenarios.  He also gives some very practical insights that relate to how dive flag floats could serve other purposes to enhance your diving experience.

Alec explains very practical exploration of the options available for effective and efficient use of dive flags and floats in the video below.

Watch Alec explain the ins and outs of how Dive Flags can be used for your safety and more efficient diving.

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