Buy A $300 Regulator or An $800 Regulator? [video]

Ok, so its time for a new regulator …  lets clarify a few key differences between lower end regulators and more expensive counterparts.

Alec peirce, in the video below,  does a great job of covering the major differences between lower end $300 and more expensive $800 regulators.

He points out that all regulators basically do the same thing.. as he said, “you suck into them and they give you air”.  He presents that all regulators ( first stage, second stage and connecting hose) basically take the air-flow from 3000 psi in the tank to about 150 psi to the second stage. However, the higher end regulators come with a few more mostly optional bells and whistles such as balanced first stages, adjustable second stages, chrome encasement, swivel hose connectors and such.

In the video he points out the major differences and stresses that the selection you ultimately make depends on the number and types of dives you typically make on a yearly basis.  If you are a recreational diver that dives about ten times or less per year, he believes that that a $300 regulator will most likely suit your needs.

Watch the  informative video below for more details …

Image Source: YouTube Clips



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