A Supercar Scuba Divers Would Love

A Car For Scuba Diving - The sQuba by Rinspeed

The only word for this supercar is “incredible”, both above and below the surf.

I came across this post and thought I would share it. Its nice to dream, but if this car is any indication, some of us make dreams happen.

Its called the Rinspeed sQuba. Its a concept car that can fly underwater and was featured in the first episode of 14th season of Fifth Gear.

This car performs quite well on dry road and does a great job below the surface as well just considering that it does go below the surface .. and in style if I might add.

Its based on the Lotus Elise, with zero emissions, this is a car to be appreciated for its entire concept and design achievements.

Watch the video below to see this awesome machine perform like none other

SEABOB – Rinspeed sQuba – YouTuve Video

Its not just a concept car. It actually exists and works as designed… Impressive 🙂

Watch the folliong video for more information about the idea and design of the sQuba.

World’s First Underwater Car – Feat by Ridiculous Rides – YouTube Video

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Images Source: YouTube Clips
Images Source: Facebook Photos by Rinspeed

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