A GPS Lifeline For Stranded Divers [video demo]

We not so rarely hear of stories related to divers being stranded out in open waters by their dive boats. It goes without saying that this unlikely occurrence is an experience that no one would enjoy. However, for what ever reason they do occur. Therefore, it is something to consider in your line-up of safety measures.

The Nautilus Life Line Marine Rescue GPS is an amazing device that offers GPS for stranded divers. The Life Line allows stranded divers the ability to send a distress signal and GPS location to their dive boat as well as all AIS equipped ships within a 34 mile radius. Its battery lasts for 5 years and the added peace of mind is un-measureable.

Click here to get one for yourself or someone you care about.

The nautilus Life Line Marine Rescue GPS at DEMA 2016

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Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS


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  • The previous version (the one I have) included a marine band radio, so you can talk to the ship - this one does not. I undertand they will be reintroducing the model with the radio, and so if you like that idea, I suggest you wait.

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