Underwater Hotel – Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Considering a vacation at the Great Barrier Reef? Australia’s first underwater hotel, located in the Whitsundays of the Great Barrier Reef is ready for guests.

That is right, The Reefsuites, from Cruise Whitsundays offers guests a number of ways to enjoy the Great Barrier Reef. They offer guests everything from day trips out to the reef to overnight stays on their floating Five-star pontoon hotel.

The Reefsuites floating hotel, Australia’s first underwater hotel, is located on the Reefworld which is a floating three-story pontoon in Hardy Reef 40 nautical miles from Airlie Beach.

The hotel has 2 underwater accommodations. Naturally, they are the most exclusive and sought after accommodation in Whitsundays. For other guests looking to enjoy an overnight reef experience there are 12 fully covered queen-sized beds that double as day beds and for sleeping at night. These sleeping areas are well equipped for comfort and can be fully covered as needed.

Whether you are a diver, snorkeler or just interested in a day out or evening on the reef, The Reefsuites floating hotel has something for you.

Watch the video clip below to see what your stay out in an underwater hotel on the Barrier Reef could be like.

“Great Barrier Reef – STAYING UNDERWATER” – YouTube video by Matt Gards

Dive The Great Barrier Reef From Reefsuites

Beginner Divers:
There is no better place to experience the magic of your first scuba dive than at the outer Great Barrier Reef. Our fully certified PADI/SSI instructors will step you through all the training and escort you on your first amazing adventure. The minimum age is 12 years old for this activity.

Certified Divers:
As a certified diver, we don’t need to convince you that diving at the Great Barrier Reef is going to be pretty special. Experienced divers can enjoy spectacular dives at specially selected sites with a variety of coral formations that are teeming with marine life. All dives are escorted by our experienced crew, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

H/T – Cruisewhitsundays.com

Watch the following video for more details and a bit of history about the Reefsuites underwater hotel.

“” – YouTube Video By Sunrise

Click here for more details about The Reefsuites underwater hotel.

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2
Cover Image Source: cruisewhitsundays.com

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