The Frying Pan Hotel – A 3 Night Stay [Video]

The Frying Pan Hotel - A 3 Night Stay

If you are considering an adventurous Airbnb a stay here at the Frying Pan Hotel this is for you. While the accommodations may not be 5 star the experience is 5star+ both above and below the surface.

The Frying Pan Hotel, affectionately known as “America’s Most Dangerous Hotel or Airbnb”, is located off the coast of North Carolina. It offers the most unique of accommodations above the surface and amazing diving and snorkeling experiences below the surface.

In this post we share a family’s experience out on the Frying Pan Hotel for a three night stay. Needless to say everyone is amazed if not shocked at the destination. However, after a bit of time onsite everyone is onboard with how special the place is.

Watch the clip below to get an honest opinion of what this amazing adventure is like.

“” – YouTube video by Sailing La Vagabonde

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