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scuba diving au-natural

Believe it or not many divers have attempted naked scuba diving already.  Believe me, if they haven’t,  the thought has crossed through their minds.

Yep, the idea of nude scuba diving seems to be catching on with a lot of divers and not just as the 100th dive tradition. Now, naturally this isn’t for everyone (nothing is), but a great number of divers are enjoying the freedom of diving au-atural. In fact,  there are many numerous nude scuba diving organizations for those who like to be “free” while diving.

According to the blog post in australiatravelblog the sensation of diving in nature with noting on is thrilling and enjoyable. One of our followers suggested that its better in side-mount diving.. Humm… LOL

In addition to the great sensation you get while scuba diving nude, you will also discover the safety things to consider. For example, a number of subtropical and tropical oceans are afflicted with sea lice which become caught under clothing. The concern is that sea lice bite and it is uncomfortable. However, sea lice tend not to stick to exposed skin, which implies people can scuba dive undressed without having to bother about these kinds of irritating animals. Keep at heart it is suggested body hair be clipped or even shaved right off.

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The traditional 100th dive is only for the brave .. LOL

“100th dive = dive without shorts! Shot at Richelieu Rock, Thailand with SONY ActionCam” – YouTube Video by Thai Scuba

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The 100th Dive Naked Dive Tradition

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See below for  more details about etiquette and a listing of areas that accept naked diving if it suits your taste.

Have the proper Etiquette … If you are going to do it … do it appropriately and with tact. provided great advice about performing your 100th dive au-natural without creating a scene as well as tips for finning , oxygen consumption as well as extra safety precautions.. its worth a read(link no longer available).

The following list of  diving area were listed  on a blog post as places that allowed diving au-natural.   This list may need updating, but it is a starting place for your research about your new interest. 🙂

– Sorobon Beach Resort
Dominican Republic
– Hispaniola (Eden Bay Resort)
St. Maarten – Orient Beach French
– Cozumel – San Francisco Beach
– Yucatan, Mayan Corridor – Playa Del Carman
– St. Barts
– Nassau (Breezes)
– Cat Island (Cutlass Bay)
– Key Largo (Jules Undersea Lodge)
– Runaway Beach (Breezes)
– Half Moon Bay
– West End Bay
– Hawksbill

A post,“You Should Get Naked More Often. It’s Good for You” on points out the many health benefits of going naked as often as possible. They include:

  • Skin Improvements
  • Sleeping better
  • Better sex due to the increased release of oxytocin
  • Reduced risks of certain skin infections due to trapped moisture in clothing
  • Reduced Risk of Heart Attacks

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  • I seriously doubt diving naked is happening at San Fransico beach, Cozumel. First of all the police would arrest anyone for being naked. Quite strict about that. Even top less sunbathing gets shut down.

  • Talking bout sea lice, then how bout jelly fish sting? Isnt it worst compare to sea lice ???? if you wanna find a reason to promote this idea, find something more convincing!

  • What about Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica? Why not mention the best place on earth to dive naked... amongst other things you can do naked there.

  • Nobody is gonna know if you go down, then disrobe, then get dressed again before you surface... that's how I do it ;)

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