Great Diving In Cozumel And It Is Open For Diving

Scuba Diving In Cozumel

Itching to get back to diving? Cozumel is open. In this post we will share some clips about what Cozumel has to offer both above and below the surface.

Yes, so apparently Cozumel has opened as of June 1st for business.. including diving. The video below is an island & beach tour by moped. As you will see it is a beautiful island.

See Cozumel above the surface in the clip below

“COZUMEL, MEXICO (2020) OPEN AGAIN” YouTube video by William Taudien

Tourism hasn’t fully ramped back up yet in Cozumel. Perhaps an opportunity to take a quick trip down for a bit of diving?

The next clip shares first hand some of the great diving available in Cozumel now during COVID. Doesn’t look like a bad experience.

Check Hanaan’s video below and see what scuba diving Cozumel is like during Covid.

“Scuba Diving in Cozumel during COVID [Scuba Mau]” – YouTube video by Hanaan Hafeez

From what I see, Cozumel looks very tempting during Covid. Are you considering a trip during COVID?

Remember to check the Travel PADI Coronavirus(COVID-19) scuba Diving Status Map when planning your dive trips during COVID..

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Images Source: YouTube CLips 1 , 2

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