Giant Fish On The Rise – Warnings For Divers and Swimmers

Reports and incidents relating to monster fish appear to be on the increase.

Giant muskie (3.5 ft+) , giant groupers (300lbs. +) and who knows what else are potential threats to swimmers and divers as well. While I am not sure how often these attacks occur, they are getting attention now.

The video below uncovers the truth behind these occurrences.

So as it turns out, the giant goliath grouper is an apex predator. This clip compares them to the other predators like sharks. Giant groupers very aggressive and known to hide and stalk their prey before attacking.

Furthermore, scuba tanks & dive equipment has been found in the bellies of these giant fish. Therefore, I guess its diver beware.

The following video explains and examines reported attacks by grouper and muskies in the us.

“MonsterQuest: Giant Killer Fish | History”- YouTube video by History

Interesting. Apparently the threats posed by these fish increases exponentially with their size. Have you had any experiences with groupers or muskies?

That being said, as with anything else – things happen. And so I don’t think I would to as far as to say these are “Destroyer Fish”.

Watch the clip below for a deeper understanding of the plight of goliath grouper for a more balanced understanding.

Watch this awesome clip below for more about how Goliath Groupers ( 400 lbs) are on the come back off Florida.

“Amazing diving with Goliath Groupers in Florida” YouTube video by Didier Noirot

Look at the size of this giant grouper

“Divers have scary jobs… giant grouper encounter” – YouTube video by Bubble BoyB

Encounters with groupers can be particularly challenging when spear fishing.

In the following clip the diver almost get’s his foot bitten off.

“Goliath Grouper Attacks Diver” – YouTube video by Arif Sabir

In the following clip a diver almost gets his head taken off.

( I believe the title should have been head of diver, not head off diver)

“Grouper Bites Head Off Diver” – YouTube video by Brad Peters

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5 , 6

Cover Image Source: YouTubeClips

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