Coral Reef Skyscraper Discovery Amazes Scientists

Coral Reef Skyscraper Discovery Amazes Scientists

Towering detached coral reef discovered as tall as the Empire State Building at 500m high is discovered.

Its the first major coral discovery in 120 years just off Cape York on the Great Barrier Reef. Its estimated to be about 23 million years old.

It’s amazing how many awesome discoveries are being made in what was once thought be relatively known areas.
I guess you can say that we are only limited by our imagination.

Anyway, a team from James Cook University were mapping an area in the northern Great Barrier Reef seabed when they made this awesome discovery.

“‘Coral skyscraper’ discovered in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef | 7NEWS” – YouTube Video by 7NEWS Australia

Modern technology is being used to explore this newly discovered reef. Using ROV’s to access the deepest areas of the mount, a full transit of the reef mount was made which performed a biological survey of the marine life of the reef as well as create a full 3 dimensional map of the detached reef.

The following YouTube video highlights the major points about this amazing discovery.

“Massive coral reef discovered off Australian coast” – YouTube video by CBC News: The National

Watch the deep ROV exploration of the newly discovered dethatched coral tower in the Great Barrier Reef. (Highly informative, but kind of long so I recommend searching for interesting bits)

“ROV Dive 401 (Pt B) – Newly Discovered 500m Tall Reef”- YouTube live video recording by Schmidt Ocean

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2,3

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