Bad Dive Guides – What They Do & How To Handle Them

Experiences with bad dive guides can vary greatly as you can see in this post. Hopefully you haven’t experienced many.

Its really not a great thing when dive guides break the no touch rule and the rubric of leaving only bubbles. Yet other things that make bad dive guides include not being attentive to the group while out on a dive or even misrepresenting their services.

In the folioing clip, a dive that started off on the sketchy side due to operational oversights ends up in a stranding. Fortunately, everything turned out ok. But, that is no excuse.

Watch how this stranding played out and get a quick glimpse of Belize in the clip below.

“Bad Scuba Experience, Belize. Dive Master leaves me Stranded and lost. Ep121” – YouTube videoby Cruising Off Duty

Bad dive guides interfere with marine life.

Dive guide torments a blue ringed octopus

“Bad boy dive guide… Don’t do that. I love blue ring octopus.” YouTube video by TheNomadive

Dive guide petting a turtle at :32

“Bad dive guide in action – INDONESIA DJL MOYO ISLAND” – YouTube video by Franky Scavino

The following post has one of the most disturbing dive guide touching scenarios that I have come across so far.

How about this scenario? Could this be a dive guide giving piggyback rides?


How to avoid bad dive guides and also handle bad dive guide scenarios when they occur.

Simply scuba has a few suggestions about how to spot and deal with bad dive operators.

“How To Deal With Bad Dive Operators” – YouTube video by Simply Scuba

Do you have any experiences to share. A great piece of advice highlighted above is to do your research in advance and just avoid them. Do your own due diligence by getting on the internet and check what others are saying and the quality of their web presence.

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2, 3, 4

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