Ship Drags Sat Diver & Diving Bell to Danger at 300ft.

What would have been just another day at work for saturation diver Chris Lemons, suddenly takes a turn for the worse.

Chris was working in the North Sea repairing oil rig structures from a diving bell tethered to his ship the Bibby Topaz.

The day of the incident everything was as normal as it could be. However, while Chris was diving at about 300ft. his ship experienced a catastrophic software glitch. As a result, his ship suddenly departed from the dive site dragging the diving bell and Chris.

The ship continued to proceed at a moderate clip dragging Chris and the dive bell behind it as it would an anchor.

Watch the following Simulation and actual video clips form the incidnent below.

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Eventually the support lines for air, communication and warmth were extended to the point of snapping away. This left Chris in a very perilous spot on the floor of the ocean at about 300ft in very cold water without an air supply and communication with the surface.

It was all Chris could do to find and climb up onto the structure he was working on in absolute darkness with only about six minutes of reserve gas to breathe. Knowing his precarious position, Chris accepted the idea that his end was nigh and blacked out.

When the crew was able to stop the vessel and re-position, his colleagues put in a superhuman effort to locate him . Even though at this point they thought it would just be a recovery mission.

After finding him, Dave, one of Chris’ diving bell colleagues, got Chris to the dive bell and gave him two breaths and Chris miraculously recovered. This was after 35 minutes on the bottom of the ocean on his emergency air supply that was only supposed to last a fraction of that time.

Truly a miracle. Chris survived the entire ordeal without brain damage and was completely fine. he continues to dive and was able to carry on with life.

Watch the following clip where Chris gives a complete explanation of what happened.

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This is a true story which has been made into a documentary file called “Last Breath

Watch the documentary’s trailer below:

Read the entire story for more detail on

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