Oceangate Submarine Disaster – Challenges Of Deep Sea Exploration

Oceangate Submarine Disaster - Challenges Of Deep Sea Exploration - Source YouTube Clips

The unthinkable has happened, as we all know by now. This is such a tragic turn of events for Oceangate as well as deep sea exploration.

The recent implosion of Oceangate’s Titan 1 submarine has been well covered by media around the world. Not much can be said, we are at a loss for words given this tragic turn of events.

Media coverage has been wide and somewhat disjointed. We found the following clip, by an engineer, that will hopefully explain these missions to the Titanic, illuminate the difficulties in such missions as well as (surprising – who knew) potential design flaws with the submarine as well.

Watch the following clip for more details about what happened as well as a critique of the design of the Titan submarine on its 4th voyage.

“Oceangate Submarine Disaster – What REALLY Happened” – YouTube video by Two Bit da Vinci

It has been said that exploration of our ocean’s depths are more difficult than space exploration.

Were shortcuts taken, design flaws overlooked? Were the risks really understood? Hopefully such a loss will not go in vain and we will learn from this tragedy.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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