Deep Ocean Diving – Horrifying Incidents Gone Wrong

Deep Ocean Diving - Horrifying Incidents Gone Wrong

The challenges of going deep are real on many fronts. Here we take a good look at a few horrifying deep ocean diving incidents.

The first scenario, in the following clip, focuses on the technical and physiological challenges of working as a saturation diver at depth. A comparison is made between the occupational hazards of modern day saturation diving and the occupational hazards experienced during the early days of our industrial revolution. Next, the underwater working conditions and potential hazards experienced by saturation divers is explained and followed up with a great example of how easily a simple mistake can be very catastrophic.

The second scenario covers the challenges of diving in the dark depths with potentially deadly marine animals. In this case, Humboldt squid. Here we get a full description of the experiences of a very accomplished underwater photographer that courageously decides to go down deep to photograph these squid in their natural environment. This diver had a run-in and suffered injuries with Humboldt squid a few years earlier. So this time he was well aware of and prepared for what he was getting into. At least he thought so.

Watch the following clip for more details to see how these scenarios played out.

“Diving Gone WRONG | Horrifying Deep Ocean Diving Incidents” – YouTube video by Scary Interesting

Images source: YouTube Clips

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