Commercial Diving – A True Way To Make A Living Diving

Commercial Diving Career

Commercial diving offers the most financially rewarding way to make a real living out of being underwater.

However, as you can imagine. It isn’t really the job for the faint of heart. Not to mention, the barriers to entering this filed are fairly substantial.

It will cost like $10k for commercial diver courses. These courses are super tough. All of that being said , there is also a lot of competition for commercial diving jobs.

Commercial divers must have a great amount of patience, especially if you are a back-up diver. You will also have to be a real team player and have the ability to dive in the most awful places where it can be touch-to-see conditions like septic tanks and such.

Simply Scuba’s YouTube video seen below does a great job at highlighting what is involved in selecting commercial diving as a profession.

“Things to Consider Before Going Into Commercial Diving” – H/T Simply Scuba YouTube Video

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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