Aggressive Marlin and Swordfish Encounters With Scuba Divers

Encounters between marlin and swordfish (billfish) with scuba divers is something that just rarely if ever occurs to us. We tend to associate them with fishermen and fishing, not scuba divers.

Here recently, I have come across a few clips that demonstrate the tenacity and agility of these fish when agitated in the presence of scuba divers. I share these clips below.

What makes these fish extremely dangerous is their long swords which are capable of causing serious harm as you will see in some of these clips.

Its easy for the untrained eye to confuse sailfish, swordfish and marlin. They look so very similar. The main difference is the shape of their dorsal fin. Click here for more information and a detailed comparison of these fish.

Waypoint TV shares what they know about swordfish as they describe their run-in with one in the clip below.

“Swordfish Stab Survivor | Into The Blue” – YouTube clip by Waypoint TV

Scuba divers encounter with a blue marlin

In the following few clip we see what looks like an unprovoked encounter with a blue marlin. This encounter occurred while the divers were filming whit tip sharks. Well, as you can see in the clip below, the marlin takes the show. It makes the white tip sharks seem so much less threatening almost docile.

“Blue Marlin Attack” – YouTube video by Chris Mendola

Saturation divers encounters with swordfish and marlin

In the following clips we see a couple of working saturation divers fending off a swordfish in once case and a marlin in the other.

“marlin/Swordfish Attacks Diver” – YouTube Video by Southrudeboi

In this next one the fish gets the diver good and gets stuck in the diver’s gear. fortunately, it looks like the diver will be ok, maybe even get a meal out of the deal?

“A man gets stabbed by a juvenile swordfish” – YouTube video by buzz j

DIVE TALK shares their insight on these occurrences

In the following clip Dive Talk reacts to this swordfish incident as well as a few other incidents that you may find interesting as well.


I have always been impressed by the blue marlin. I am now wondering what if anything could have provoked them to this behavior in these scenarios?

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5

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