4 Divers Sucked Into Underwater Pipeline – A Delta P Tragedy

4 Divers Sucked Into Underwater Pipeline

A maintenance mishap led to 4 divers being sucked into an underwater pipeline In Trinidad & Tobago, a delta p tragedy. Recovery operations are still being done as of 4 days later.

This incident was apparently caused by a failure in a pipeline component (lid/cap) that led to massive delta-P forces causing the maintenance (tech) divers to be sucked into the underwater pipeline.

The pipeline is 36 inches operated by Paria Fuel trading Company off Pointe-a-Pierre . The pipeline was under maintenance and the 4 tech divers servicing the pipeline were sucked in by delta p forces. The latest news is that only 1 of the divers were rescued and is hospitalized. Reportedly, three of the other divers bodies were recovered so far.

Recovery operations are still underway for the fourth diver. This is a developing story as of now.

Watch the following videos for additional details.

“Independent Panel To Investigate Paria Tragedy” – YouTube video by TTT Live Online

As you can see, there are lots of question to be answered about how this entire situation was and is being handled.

The following clip was made 4 days after the event.

“Bodies Of Divers In Paria Tragedy At Forensic Science Centre” – YouTube video by TTT Live Online

This is a terrible situation and answers are being sought as explained in the following video.

“Paria coverup,One survivor breaks his silence 4 missing divers confirmed dead” – YouTube video by drinksandchat

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2, 3

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