World’s Largest Underwater Cave Found By Divers [video]

A team of research divers called the Great Mayan Aquifer project discovers what is now known to be the world’s largest underwater cave.

This 215 mile cave was identified after months of exploring a maze of underwater channels.  This cave system is known as Sac Actun.  It is Located near the Tulum beach resort, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo on the Caribbean coastline on the Yucatan Peninsula, where  358 submerged cave systems are found. These cave systems are all flooded with freshwater.

This cave is full of archaeological discoveries. Ceramics, Mayan graves and the remains of early humans as well as extinct species of animals has already been found in this cave system.

As impressive as the length of this cave is, It is thought that Sac Actun may actually be connected to as many as three other underwater cave systems.

Those dives won’t just shed light on how deep the fish hole goes, either.

As footage in the researchers’ video and photos show – untold volumes of preserved Maya artefacts and human remains are just waiting to be discovered and analysed from within this unprecedented cave system.

Ultimately, the scientific implications could be just as massive as the cave itself.

“We’ve recorded more than 100 archaeological elements: the remains of extinct fauna, early humans, Maya archaeology, ceramics, and Maya graves,” de Anda told the Mexican media.

“It’s a tunnel of time that transports you to a place 10,000 to 12,000 years ago.”

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Watch the video below to appreciate the beauty of this amazing underwater cave system.

Images Source: YouTube Clips


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