Unprepared Cave Diving – A Scary Experience

Unprepared Cave Diving Experience

Cave diving isn’t for everyone, but for some reason it draws divers in. Even a scuba instructor without training for cave diving.

There is a certain allure for cave diving that causes some people to do some pretty stupid things. Fortunately, most do some how get through alive, but I am certain there are a lot of scary stories and mishaps that are just not told.

In this case, a scuba instructor ventures into an overhead environment without proper training. Its hard to imagine an instructor being tempted into tis scenario, but apparently it happens.

So he attempts to dive at Orange Grove Sink, Florida without the proper gas type for the depth and also not using a reel or guideline. You can only imagine what happens next.

Watch the video below to see and vicariously experience the result of his attempted dive.

“Why single-tank untrained scuba divers should not enter caves.” YouTube video by Rich Denmark

Fortunately, he was able to finally get himself out of this precarious situation alive. I hope this clip serves as a warning for folks who would attempt a cave dive without the proper training.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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