This Dive Looks Crazy And It Isn’t Narcosis

Cave Diving Workshop

Wow, at first I thought these divers were suffering from a serious case of narcosis, but I later discovered what that this crazy looking dive was all about.

At first glance this clip looks like a group of divers doing who knows what. They were seemingly diving aimlessly, squeezing through through weird man made structures, flailing about on the bottom, grabbing each others masks and being tied down. Furthermore a few of them were diving with huge rocks on their tanks.

It kind of looks like an underwater altercation to the uninformed. Furthermore, the video’s comments didn’t help.

Comments from the video clip:

At first it was fun… And then it begun – out of gas, lost mask, entangled in guideline, loss of buoyancy, gas leakage. And all of them at once!

H/T – YouTube Clips

Yea, so if you watch the clip below before understanding what it is about you too might have thought something crazy was happening too.

Watch this seemingly pointless dive unfold in the clip below.

“Out of gas, no mask, entangled in guideline – Cave diving workshops with Majki” YouTube video by BW P

As it turns out, this is a well organized and supervised cave diving skills and behavior training workshop that was performed in open water.

So, now that everything makes complete sense. Watching these exercises in open water is difficult enough. I couldn’t imagine having to deal those same maneuvers in the darkness and confines of an actual cave.

Have you ever gone through this type of training?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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