Rocky Shore, Cave Entry Dive Turns Hazardous on Return

Shore Cave Entry Dive

What happens when you venture out and take on a new and somewhat risky dive spot? Especially a rocky shore – cave entry.

The Following clip is an example of what can happen if you decide to shore dive an newly discovered spot along a rocky shore and through an unfamiliar cave.

As the story goes, these divers discovered what they called a really cool cave along a cliff in Hawaii. They were amazed that it led straight to the ocean. Naturally, as a result, they decided to take the 1 hour ride out and return and go spear fishing through it.

As you will see in the clip below, it was a beautiful dive site and offered an amazing dive experience… at least in the beginning.

Unfortunately , as the day progressed the swell picked up and their entry became a terrifying exit experience.

“Homie Almost DIES! I Lose My Gun and Tear My Wetsuit in Half! – Spearfishing Hawaii” – YouTube video by Hawaii HammaHS

I guess the moral of this story is to consider your exit before, or at least as much as you entry.

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