No Mount Cave Diving – An Extreme Sport

Extreme Cave Diving - No Mount

No mount cave diving is the sport for you if you like scuba diving and tight spaces.

How do they find these underwater caves?

As much as I enjoy watching cave diving videos, the thought of it is somewhat terrifying . This is a form of extreme diving where the tanks are not mounted on you ( ie. no mount) because the passages to be navigated are so small that the tanks must be passed through on their own.

I am not claustrophobic at all, but the idea of traversing such tight passages, underwater or not, is difficult for me to grasp.

Watch the no-mount cave diving clip below to see how its is done.

“” – YouTube Video by Inspiration

As challenging as the clip above appears to be, the following post we did a while back is even more challenging/worse. In this particular dive the diver had to even remove his helmet to fit through areas of the cave!

See the post below – This cave is so tight the diver must remove his helmet to pass through.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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