Freediver Dives Past Grim Reaper at Vortex Springs 300ft Inside Cave To Piano Room

Unbelievable video documents freediver’s journey 300 ft into Votrex Springs’ Piano Room.

Its hard enough for most scuba divers to even consider cave diving. The thought of freediving Vortex Springs (beyond the gate) is something that never occurs to you.

So when you hear of a freediver, without an air supply, actually cave diving its kind of mind-blowing.

Well the following clip of a freediver making it all the way 300ft into the Vortex Springs cave is even more crazy.

It looks like he is using air pockets? Humm? Lets assume that this isn’t a staged act. Either way, don’t even think of trying anything like this yourself.

Watch the clip below to see for yourself how he does it.

“Crazy freediver makes it to Piano Room 300ft inside cave at Vortex Springs” YouTube video by Ronny Richardson

I am not sure how much preparation and back-up support went in to this dive, but my first impression is that this is kind of crazy. Thoughts?

You can read more about diving Vortex Springs in this post “Adrenaline Junkies Cave Diving Vortex Spring [Pics, Videos]” on

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