Free Divers’ Risky Caving Adventure

Free Diving Cave Exploration

Cave exploration, free dive of a spring fed cave at a drained Florida Lake. This cave is usually submerged underwater, but was temporarily exposed during a lake draining.

I came across this strangely interesting yet extremely dangerous cave exploration video.

A group of cave exploring free divers record their exploration of a cave that would otherwise be difficult to find. Apparently, there was a construction project underway that required draining the lake by about six feet or so. As a result, the cave was exposed. It became easy to find and therefore attracted the attention of these divers.

There are so many things that could possibly go wrong with this that it is pointless to point them out. Although, if you are up to it, feel free to point them out in the comment area below this post.

Watch along as they battle mud and tight spaces to explore this cave while it was still exposed.

“‘I will NEVER do this again’ – Cave Exploring and Freediving a Florida Spring Deep in the Earth” – video by Joe Oceanside

I couldn’t image exploring a cave without leaving a line to prevent getting lost . Furthermore, free diving an enclosed cave? I must assume they had a map of sorts or some foreknowledge of what to expect. What are your thoughts?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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