Fight For Last Air – Cave Diving Gone Wrong

Fight For Last Air - Cave Diving Gone Wrong

Blue Spring Lake Park in Florida is well known for its amazing underwater cave diving. This cave extends down to about 120ft. and has an awe inspiring maze of rock formations and passages. Naturally, it’s a very popular for cave divers of all levels including those that are not properly trained for safe cave diving.

The following clip presents a tragic story that exemplifies how easy it is to get caught up in the experience of diving and dive beyond one’s ability. Such is the case, as these two divers set out to dive this cave.

Both of the divers were well equipped for the dive, but not necessarily with the required certifications. Somehow they were able to get around the Blue Spring Lake Park’s certification and safety protocols and enter the cave.

They were able to dive all the way into the cave at 120ft. However, something unexpected happens at 90ft and the dive takes a turn for the worse.

The following clip does and amazing job of describing the dive site and explaining the details of what happened. Watch it below.

“Divers Fight For Last Air Tank | Cave Diving Gone WRONG” – YouTube video by Blowing Fact

What would have otherwise been an uneventful and amazing dive turned tragic for what would seem to be a small oversight (exacerbated by the depth of the dive) by one of the divers.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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