Diving “The Secret” An Air Filled Tunnels Of Bjuralven

Diving The Tunnels of Bjuralven

Here is an interesting dive of what’s called “The Secret”. A tunnel found in 2013 than has only been visited by a handful of divers.

This is an incredible dive in my opinion because of the time of year as well as the unique aspects of the secret Tunnel. I never imagined toting dive gear to a dive site on sleighs.

The tunnel is about 100 meters long. It is and air filled tunnel within the Bjuraleven cave system. Found in 2013 it has been visited by only about 9 divers prior to the clip of the dive below.

Watch this intriguing dive in the clip below to see what it entailed.

“Bjurälven 2015 – “The Secret” – Air filled cave tunnel”- Video by Micke Tilja

By the way, did I mention that the water is chillingly cold. Nice to watch , but not a dive for me. How about you?

Well, if you liked that clip then you will certainly like the following one of divers toting a ladder into a section of the the cave system called “the rain hall” to explore its roof.

Video by Micke Tilja

Images Source: YouTube Clips, 2

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