Diver Stuck In An Underwater Cave For Two Days [video]

Cave Diver Trapped 60 Hours

Fortunately, Gracia was able to be rescued some 60 hours after he entered the cave.

Gràcia learnt that Mascaró had managed to raise the alarm but that rescue efforts had been hampered by poor visibility.

Rescuers had then tried to drill a hole through the rocks to supply him with food and water – which explained the noises he had heard – but this attempt had also failed. Finally, Clamor and fellow diver John Freddy had made it through, after waiting a day for the silt to settle.

Gràcia’s ordeal was still not over. Clamor had to leave him to contact the rescue team, but gave him some glucose pouches to boost his energy levels.

“It would take eight more hours to get me out of that cave, but they were eight happy hours,” Gràcia says.

Gràcia was given air enriched with oxygen to breathe and slowly guided to the entrance. He emerged late on Monday 17 April, 60 hours after he went in. Guillem Mascaró was there to meet him.

Read the full story here on bbc.com

Watch the following account of this near tragedy in the video below ( Note* Video No Longer Available)

Video Source: YouTube Clips

Images Source: BBC.com

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